The Life Sciences Building will bring state-of-the-art equipment, new laboratories, and configurable learning spaces to USU’s Logan campus. Whether students need solitude or a space for collaboration and creative inspiration, they will find it in the study areas and conference spaces in the building. Here are a few of the highlights of the new building:


The glass-fronted, four-story lobby forms a grand entrance and gathering space. The west-facing entrance provides expansive interior views to the labs, study halls, and café. The dynamic, mostly glass, central staircase extends to the third level.

Not an actual rendering. Picture for illustrative purposes only.


Students need brain fuel, and the Teas and Cheese Café (a working name) will serve that need. The café is connected to the main lobby with access to an outside patio garden.

Lecture Hall

The main lecture hall seats more than 300 students and is equipped with state-of-the-art audio and visual technology. Every seat is equipped with power and a retractable laptop stand. Large aisles throughout the hall will allow for the professors to interact with their students.

lecture hall

Not an actual rendering. Picture for illustrative purposes only.

active learning classroom

Active Learning classroom

Accommodating close to 100 students, this innovative classroom is both modular and customizable. Students can use the space to collaborate in small to large groups, while instructors
are able to provide direction from multiple
angles with dual presenter controls.

General Biology Lab Suite

This group of laboratories, with ample natural light, accommodates up to 96 students (24 per lab). The General Biology Suite provides greatly needed capacity for USU’s most in-demand courses, including Introduction to Laboratory Science.

lab students


$38M State Legislature

$7M USU, Private, & Corporate Funding

We Need Your Support

to make this building a reality. Every gift matters.

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