USU’s Campaign for a New Life Sciences Building

Every aspiring Aggie scientist, physician, engineer, teacher, along with those who dream of hundreds of other futures, enters Utah State University with the need for a solid foundation of knowledge in science.

Because of increased demand for foundational biology courses, however, the University is currently at 125 percent of capacity for these courses, prompting the need for a long-term solution to educate students pursuing careers in STEM-related fields.

Recently, the Utah State Legislature recognized the need for more of these courses and provided USU with $38M of the $45M required to construct a Life Sciences Building on the Logan campus. Coming to Life, the fundraising campaign for a new Life Sciences Building, will help make this facility a reality. The Life Sciences Building will relieve critical bottlenecks currently causing frustrating class waiting lists. It will also provide students with state-of-the-art facilities to fuel curiosity and discovery, and propel them toward life-enhancing opportunities.

The USU Life Sciences Building in Winter 2019